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Ceremony at Brain Dead Studios, Los Angeles, 04/14/2022

  “Vanity Spawned by Fear” Record Release On April 14th, Ceremony celebrated the release of their new record, Vanity Spawned by Fear, at the experimental theater, Brain Dead Studios, on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles….

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Powerhouse at First Street Billiards, Los Angeles 02/20/2022

Powerhouse is back! After a long hiatus, our friends in Powerhouse OBHC have a new album Renegades that just recently came out on Pitchfork NY Records, and they have been touring hard in support of…

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Earth Crisis California Takeover at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles 02/23/2020

Earth Crisis at the California Takeover 2020! Probably one of the last shows we saw before the pandemic, was the California Takeover in Los Angeles back in February 2020.  Snapcase, Strife, and Earth Crisis recreated…

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All Out War at Westcoast Worldwide, Sacramento 08/1998

Deep from the Today Forever archive, our original VHS footage of All Out War headlining the very first show at renowned Sacramento venue, Westcoast Worldwide, in August of 1998.  The full lineup that night was…