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Today Forever: A Hardcore Fanzine

Dedicated to those who carry the torch

Today Forever is a tribute to the music that makes our hearts beat faster and the artists who carry the torch. Featuring 80 pages of interviews, photography, show reviews, and more!

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“The Gang Makes a Zine”

The people behind this madness

Nikki and Matt have been involved in hardcore for longer than either would care to admit.  This zine is their love letter to the scene they’ve been a part of for so long.


Nikki is an award-winning writer who has contributed to many publications and projects over the years.  She is also known to do great Black Flag bar tattoos and stand much too close to the stage.


Matt has done art (print and digital) for many, many years for a variety of projects including zines, websites, and records.  He’s also a 90s hardcore pack rat.





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