Earth Crisis California Takeover at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles 02/23/2020

Earth Crisis at the California Takeover 2020!

Probably one of the last shows we saw before the pandemic, was the California Takeover in Los Angeles back in February 2020.  Snapcase, Strife, and Earth Crisis recreated the iconic 1996 show and it was amazing.  War Records released the album for it at the end of 2021, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you were a fan of that era of 90s hardcore.  Even if you weren’t old enough for the first go-around, it’s still hits with the raw intensity of those Victory days and shouldn’t be missed. 

We shot some video of the show and posted it to our Youtube channel a while back.  If you weren’t lucky enough to catch it in 2020, or recently in 2022 on the East Coast, it shouldn’t be missed!  In this video series, it’s Earth Crisis performing Firestorm, All Out War, and Gomorrah’s Season Ends.

Author: Matt
One of the founders of Today Forever Fanzine, Matt has been involved in hardcore and punk music for more than 25 years, primarily doing art and zines, but also small stints in bands over the years.