Today Forever Zine Issue 03 Available Now!

Issue 03 Available Now!

Today Forever Issue 03 is bigger and better than ever with 80 satin pages featuring interviews with The Chisel, COA, Cosmic Joke, The Hope Conspiracy, Kate Clover, Outspoken, Paint It Black, Restraining Order, Soft Kill, Entry, Jack-Knife, Wrath of Gods, Major Pain, Gigan, Moral Pollution, TimeXHeist, Caged View, and photographer Oscar Rodriguez, along with a six page feature on Indecision Records’ 30th Anniversary, photography, show recaps, and more!

Perfect bound, 8 1/2″ x 11″, collector’s quality magazine featuring grayscale satin interior and gloss color covers.

Limited run of 300 hand numbered copies.

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Featured in this issue:

The Chisel

Formed in early 2020, The Chisel originally set out to make an “out and out aggressive oi record,” but the chemistry between the members is clear and it wasn’t long before they were adding melodic hooks and rock and rolls riffs to their song writing, forging an explosive sound that is completely their own, rooted in traditional punk, oi, and hardcore, but pushing forward with an aggression that sets them apart from the pack. With the release of their second full length album, What A Fucking Nightmare, on Pure Noise Records earlier this year, The Chisel are busier than ever, but somehow, between weekenders in Europe and a tour of the East Coast, vocalist Cal Graham found time to answer my questions about the band, their whirlwind pace of releases and shows over the last few years, and their authentic approach to music and life. No gimmicks, indeed.

Photo by Sean Reilly


Colin of Arabia (COA)

Pillars of the Boston hardcore scene, COA (Colin of Arabia) are back with a brand new EP, Trauma Dump, on Triple B Records, their first new music in over a decade. A larger than life figure in his own right, vocalist Colin Campbell took a moment to talk to Today Forever about the new EP, his epic history in hardcore, what inspired his incredibly raw and personal lyrics, and the state of hardcore today. “When you die, could they write a book about your life? Would anyone want to ready it?” If this interview is any indication, I’m pretty sure in Colin’s case they will.

Photo by Kristi Xhelili


Cosmic Joke

Hailing from Southern California’s beautiful San Fernando Valley, Cosmic Joke play fast and aggressive hardcore that marries SoCal skate punk with the tried and true DC hardcore sound. Shortly after the release of their self-titled LP on the newly minted Hardcore Records label, vocalist Mac Miller took the time to answer a few questions about the band, their sound and inspiration, and how Cosmic Joke is finding its place in a hardcore scene that has “more space for everyone than ever before.”

Photo by Oscar Rodriguez


The Hope Conspiracy

On November 22nd, 2023, The Hope Conspiracy arose from a near fourteen year silence to release a brand new EP, Confusion/Chaos/Misery, and will soon be following up with their first LP in almost twenty years, Tools of Oppression/Rule By Deception. These new releases see the band returning in apex form, hitting harder than ever before with a contemptuous commentary on a world that seems to be burning before our eyes. As the band prepares for the May 31st LP release and a run of East and West Coast shows, vocalist Kevin Baker took the time to answer a few questions about the band’s new music, the upcoming tour, and what compelled them to write the soundtrack to the end of time.



Indecision Records 30th Anniversary Spotlight

It was a hot weekend in late July, 2023 when Dave Mandel and over 500 friends and fans of Indecision Records, the incredibly prolific record label he founded in 1992 as an offshoot to his fanzine of the same name, gathered at the Garden Amphitheater in Garden Grove, California, to celebrate Indecision’s 30th anniversary. Inspired by both an incredible weekend and the extraordinary legacy of Indecision Records, I spoke with a few of the many individuals involved in the fest and the label, including Dave Mandel himself, about Indecision Records, the 30th anniversary fest, and the importance of the family we choose.

Photo by Matt TxF


Kate Clover

The word “punk” means a lot of things to a lot of people, but to Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Kate Clover it means everything. “Punk is a philosophy for me,” she proclaims, “it permeates everything.” In the midst of a national headlining tour in support of her new album, The Apocalypse Dream, Kate took the time to talk with Today Forever about her music and the important role punk and community have played in her own journey of self discovery as an artist.

Photo by Rob Coons




Formed in 1989 by four friends amidst the explosive hardcore scene of Orange County, California, Outspoken have always been passionate about calling attention to the injustices of the world through their music and championed progress in an era when hardcore bands often found themselves (literally) fighting on the frontlines for social change. While the members of Outspoken parted ways after the release of the 1994 album The Current, they recently reunited to play a set at Programme Skate and Sound in Fullerton, California. On the heels of an incredible show attended by fans new and old alike, vocalist John Coyle took some time to talk about the history of the band, how the reunion came to be, and what the future might hold for Outspoken.

Photo by Matt TxF



Paint It Black

Formed in Philadelphia in 2002, Paint It Black have evolved and grown over their time together but remain stalwart in their commitment to speaking truth to power while creating music that holds a mirror up to the world around them. In anticipation of their latest album, Famine, vocalist Dan Yemin took the time to answer a few questions for Today Forever about the new record, the important role music can play in activism and awareness, and what drives him to continue to create with honesty, vulnerability, and, above all else, authenticity.

Photo by Ray Camacho



Restraining Order

Born out of a New Year’s resolution for 2017, Restraining Order play ’82 hardcore with a ’77 punk attitude. Fast, loud, and aggressive, the band draw inspiration from a wide variety of sounds, but they are a hardcore band through and through. In the midst of a nearly nonstop tour across the globe that would take them to Europe, Australia, the Pacific Rim, and beyond, Pat, Keith, Dylan, and Will took some time to talk about the origins of the band, their influences and inspiration, and what’s next for the band with the biggest heart in hardcore.

Photo by Danielle Dombrowski


Soft Kill

“All my favorite bands did whatever the fuck they wanted,” muses Soft Kill vocalist and mastermind Tobias Grave, and if you look at the prolific and widely varied catalog of music that Soft Kill have under their belt, he’s clearly following in those footsteps. Finding time in an unforgiving schedule, somewhere between the back to back release of Metta World Peace and Escape Forever, Tobias graciously answered a few questions about the band, their inspiration and creative process, and how they’re taking control of their art and music by doing it all themselves.

Photo by Matt TxF


Ten Questions

Ever wonder where your favorite band goes to eat after the show or what they’re listening to in the van on those long drives between venues? Ten questions has you covered.  In this issue get to know a little bit more about Caged View, Jack-Knife, Major Pain, TimeXHeist, Entry, Gigan, Wrath of Gods, and Moral Pollution and then find their music, add their Instagram, and get your ass to a show.

Photo by Ray Camacho


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Former editor at Inked Magazine and contributor to a wide variety of art and media publications over the years, Nikki founded Today Forever in 2022 as a love letter to the music and scene she has been fortunate to be involved in for the better part of a lifetime.