7 Seconds, Judge, Firestarter, Major Pain, at 1720 Warehouse, Los Angeles, 4/12/2024

On Friday, April 12th, seminal New York hardcore band Judge and hardcore pioneers 7 Seconds returned to Los Angeles to play 1720 Warehouse, sharing an impressive bill that also included support from locals Firestarter and Major Pain.  The sold out show did not disappoint as the crowd, ranging from those who had seen Judge on their first tour to those who weren’t even born when Bringing It Down was originally released in 1989, went wild for each band.  

Body after body leapt from the stage as Judge ripped through their set, the crowd pressing forward to sing along, the entire scene a visceral reminder that hardcore is not a spectator sport.  The New York hardcore juggernauts managed to play every track from both Bringing It Down and New York Crew, closing the night with Andrew Strife joining the band for their iconic cover of “Warriors” as the room spun into chaos.

By the time 7 Seconds took the stage, the room was thick with frenetic energy.  While Kevin Seconds admitted he wasn’t feeling in top form, you’d never know from the way he delivered an impressive forty-five minute selection from the band’s prolific catalog.  From inspiring revolution through “Satyagraha” to reminding the audience hardcore definitely is “Not Just Boys Fun,” 7 Seconds demonstrated exactly why they have remained a force to be reckoned with in the genre they had such a heavy hand in shaping.

The first night of the Revelation Records Los Angeles invasion came to a close with 7 Seconds launching into their version of “99 Red Balloons,” which Kevin noted they played for the very first time forty years ago in 1984.  By the way the crowd sang along and spun the entire floor into a circle pit you’d never know even a day had gone by.



Photos: Ray Camacho – @punk_monk_rayhttps://raymondecamacho.myportfolio.com/

7 Seconds




Bonus: Judge with Andrew Kline


Major Pain


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